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Preparation to access the Connect System

Preparation for access the Connect System

Remove Cassette and CD. When the system is out, you won’t be able to do it later.


Remove wooden strip

I always start to work from right to left. Just put your finger behind it en move carefully towards you.


Just continue like that till the whole strip comes off.


Moves the strip aside.


The Connect Front-panel with screen and heating/airco

Remove the cover below the ashtray. With the help of a screwdriver you can get the upper left and right free.  


This is the part as it came off.


Now remove the ashtray. With a Phillips-screwdriver, remove the two screws.


Get it carefully to wards you. Mind the two cables. One on the left with the light, and on the right the cable to the  lighter. If you close the ashtray. You will be able to access the cables more easily.

When the ashtray is removed you can easily access the two screws that hold the bottom of the Connect front-panel.



Now unscrew the upper two screws.


The front-panel will come off easily. Beware that it is still connected with two cables.

Now you will have access to the logic and drives of the Connect System.

The system is hold into its place by two clips, one on either side.


Beware the system is connected with several cables. And they might be extra secured with tie-raps.


You would have taken off, three antenna cables and 6 connectors in total.

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Marc Rijnders 2013

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