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Open up the Connect System

Open up the Connect System


Make sure you are prepared well. And everything is done at your own risk!

These are the tools you need.


A torx T-8 is the most important.



Start by opening up the top cover. Three torx screws have to be remove, with a normal screwdriver you can lift the cover easily.


Then start to get the plastic front cover off. On the left en right side there are small plastic clips holding the front.


Just move it a little bit away, 1cm. at maximum. You will see there are two cable attached to the front panel. One for the buttons and one for the sim-card holder.

Just take them off, carefully.


Now you can take the whole front panel off.

The tape drive will be the next item to be removed.

Start with detaching the two flatcables. The connectors can be opened with a small screwdriver.


The drive itself is attached with 5 torx screws on the following places.


The drive can now be lifted.

Please put it aside.

We will continue with removing the front metal cover. It is attached with four torx screws.


The cover can be lifted. 


You put it aside.

Now we will get the first logic board off. A small one on the back. Remove one screw. And take the cable off.


We will follow with a bigger main board. Please remove all cables.


Remove the two torx screws holding it on its place.


The board can be moved towards you to get it all off.

We need to do some preparation before we get the next board off. First we have to unscrew some different sized screws from the back.


Now the bigger board can be taken out. On the left you have to remove a black cable. On the right you will find an antenna module which is attached to the main metal with a clip. Just take it up and out.

You will notice a whole module covered by a plastic cover also on the back. With a normal screwdriver you will be able to get it of the module. Please, be careful to not harm the module itself.


Please notice the clips how it is attached to the module.

We need to get the module off, because we have to have access to some of the screws underneath. Please take the cable off carefully.


The screw you see, is the of the CD-drive. We will unscrew all the screws. 5 in total, please find them here:


The drive can be lifted but beware the two flat cables attached to the main motherboard.


Please take them off, carefully.

Now we have the drive lose and can we change the optical pick-up.

Remove the two torx screws and metal front.


On top there is a small pcb board. It is convenient to get it lose. Please note that the flatcable is glued to the drive. Get it off very careful. You will notice that the cables can’t be detached from the boards. So leave it lose, but keep in mind it is very fragile. Continue to get the top cover off, by unscrewing the four Phillips screws on the corners.



The mechanics are now more visible. We will take off the two torx from the back and the metal holder.


I have made some photos of the mechanics to have an overview. This is the point where you can easily take off four small springs. On the bottom, two at the back and one holding the upper part and lower part together.


Get the flat cable off, from the optical pick-up. (Note this a newly placed pick-up so the anti-static protecting connection is still in place.)


If you hold the mechanism like the photo.


You can easily take off the top cover of the mechanism.

Please note there are three some screws holding a balancing system for the drive. These screws have to be removed.

If you now hold the mechanism again as like the photo. You now can take the whole remaining mechanism out.


As you can see there is a metal cover on the optical pick-up, attached with only one small screw. It is needed for the actuator worm wheel of the pick-up and start-sensor.

Now you can lift the worm wheel careful by just press it a little to the left and up. 


See here the new and old pick-up next to each other. The old lens is much more darker then the new one.


Exchange the old part with the new one. And start to assemble step by step.

Please note that I left the anti-static protection still on. In my case I left it on till I was ready to please the drive back in the system.

You can use a torch to break it. But I noticed that of factory they cut it. And I decided to do that too.


In my case it worked out very well. The system worked in one go, it never worked like this before. Also home-burned CD’s without any problem.

Download as PDF


Well have fun. Cheers.

Marc Rijnders 2013




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